Are You Concerned About Your Child's Weight?


What If You Knew Exactly What To Do To Help Your Child Be As Healthy As Possible?   


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It's hard to see your child struggle.  

You worry for their physical and mental health.  

You worry about their future.  

You want to help them but you're afraid of harming them if you do or say the wrong thing.

You might feel guilty that you wish your child was different than they are.

You might be struggling to be the healthy role model you want to be.
You feel confused, overwhelmed or powerless to help your child.

You love your child and want them to be happy and healthy and you're worried about the weight and health path they are currently on.

There is a solution that will help your child.  

It is different than the usual medical advice for pediatric weight loss.  

It is not a diet for your child.

The solution is for you to become the healthiest role model you can be and to embody the habits that will protect your child's health.

Food Choices Matter

  • Learn how to balance your hunger hormones
  •  Learn how to eat in a way that works with your biology, not against it
  • Know what your family should be eating to preserve and protect their metabolic health

Sleep Matters

  • Sleep affects hunger, hormones, food choices, weight, cognition, healthy growth and development, performance at school and work, mood and mental health
  • Learn to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep

Movement Matters

  •  Exercise improves lifespan and health span
  •  Promotes good metabolic health
  •  Improves sleep, focus, memory and learning
  •  Can be simple, easy and fun and still yield incredible benefits

Emotional Regulation Skills Matter

  • Learn how and why to feel your feelings in your body
  • Learn how to stop emotional eating and handle your urges and cravings
  • Learn how to teach your child these skills as well 

After our six months together, you'll have these results:

Results For Parents

  • you'll be the role model that will help your child stay healthy
  • you will not be worrying about your child's weight or health
  • you'll have a deeper connection with yourself and your child
  • you'll have a healthy relationship with food 
  • you'll have more self-love, self acceptance and better self-talk
  • you'll have more energy & weight loss if you want it
  • you'll have better sleep
  • you'll possess all the tools & skills you need to change the trajectory of your children's lives

Results For Kids

By you working on yourself, your kids will experience:

  • higher self-esteem & improved self-confidence
  • a deeper connection with you
  • a healthier relationship with food 
  • a healthier relationship with their body
  • a healthier weight
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • better sleep
  • better mood
  • more energy
  • a rock solid foundation for establishing lifelong healthy habits becasue they have parent modeling the behaviors that will help them

1:1 Coaching Program for Parents 

I offer a 6 month, private coaching program tailored to your individual needs that will walk you through a step by step process to become the healthiest role model you can be for your children.

Together, we create your personalized way-of-eating plan using simple, science-based recommendations that will balance your hunger hormones, improve your metabolic health and get you feeling great!

In the 1:1 coaching sessions, we address any and all obstacles that arise and help you stick to your plan so reaching your goals is inevitable.

Once you learn how to do this for yourself, you'll be able to set your child up for success as well.

We will also plan and implement the personalized healthy lifestyle changes at home that you want to make for your kids and family.

Again, we coach on any problems or issues that come up so you can create the changes that will improve your family's health.

You will start to feel better than you ever have and so will your kids.


Investment:  $5000

or 2 payments of $2575

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