Are You Concerned About Your Child's Weight Weight?


What If You Knew Exactly What To Do To Help Your Child Be As Healthy As Possible?   


Download 10 Simple Steps to Help Your Child Achieve a Healthy Weight

It's hard to see your child struggle.  

You worry for their physical and mental health.  

You worry about their future.  

You want to help them but you're afraid of harming them if you do or say the wrong thing.

You might feel guilty that you wish your child was different than they are.

You might be struggling with your own weight or lifestyle habits and feel overwhelmed and powerless to even try to help your child.

You love your child so much and you want them to be happy and healthy but you are not sure what to do.

There is a solution.  


You can learn simple and effective tools to help your child so you can start to feel better and they can too.


 My coaching program for parents is specifically designed to give parents everything they need to help their child live a healthy lifestyle.

Food Choices Matter

  • Learn how different foods affect your hormones, your brain, your weight
  •  Food choices influence hunger & cravings
  •  Food choices impact every aspect of health
  • Help your child eat in a way that serves them

Sleep Matters

  •  Sleep affects your hormones & weight
  •  Sleep affects your mood
  •  Sleep affects performance at work, at school & on the field
  •  Sleep affects motivation 

Movement Matters

  •  Boosts energy & improves mood
  •  Promotes better sleep
  •  Improves focus, memory and learning
  •  Can be simple, easy and fun and still yield incredible benefits

Emotions Matter

  • Understand your emotions better 
  • Understand the causes of emotional eating
  • Gain emotional regulation skills
  • Help your child avoid developing unhelpful coping strategies of any kind

By the end of our 12 weeks together, you'll have these results:

Results For Parents

  • relief from worrying about your child
  • a deeper connection with your child
  • a healthy relationship with food 
  • better self-talk, more self-love
  • more energy & weight loss if you want it
  • better sleep
  • all the tools & skills as well as the motivation to keep going

Results For Kids

  • a healthy lifestyle
  • higher self-esteem & improved self-confidence
  • a healthier relationship with food 
  • a healthier relationship with their body
  • a healthier weight
  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • a rock solid foundation for lifelong healthy habits

Healthy Habits For Families

1:1 Coaching For Parents Of Kids Struggling With Extra Weight


This 12 week program is a combination of weekly private coaching sessions via zoom, additional group "Ask the Doctor Anything" Q&A sessions and written coaching support as you want and need it in between coaching sessions. 

I'm committed to helping you gain all of the knowledge, skills and tools you need to change the trajectory of your child's life.


Investment:  $1500

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