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I know what it is like to be an overweight kid, teenager and adult.

When I was 9 years old, I started to gain weight. I was heavier than I wanted to be. I remember my pediatrician telling my mom, “You gotta get her to stop eating.” That was really hard to hear at that age. He then told me to eat a 1200 calorie/day diet and gave us a green and white pamphlet listing all foods and their calories. As a child, I studied that list. I tried to eat only that amount of calories but I couldn’t do it. Needless to say, that restrictive strategy did not help me to lose weight.  I felt like something must be wrong with me.

Throughout elementary school, high school and college, I was active in sports but at the same time, I always struggled with being overweight.  It was embarrassing for me and as a younger person, I did not want to talk about it with anyone.  I kind of suffered alone for a long time.  

Fast forward to a stressful job, overnight shift work and poor sleep for many years, my dream of being at my natural, healthy weight seemed even more out of my reach.

Fortunately, I heard about life coaching for weight loss. Without telling anyone I knew, in silent desperation, I signed up. From there, things started to change very quickly for me. I was introduced to a different, scientific approach to weight loss that I never learned in med school.  I also learned skills and tools to understand my thinking patterns and I used these tools to stop overeating.  I lost more than 45 pounds and I’ve become a person who no longer struggles with food. I’m free!

If I can do it, anyone can do it. I truly believe that.  My mission is to help parents of kids who are struggling with their weight gain the skills and tools they need to be able to help their child.  


Sheila Carroll, MD is board certified in general pediatrics and obesity medicine. She has been working in the clinical practice of medicine for 22 years.

After discovering life coaching, she applied what she learned to her own life and experienced an upleveling transformation. She then became a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coach School to be able to help other people experience similar life transformations.

She lives and works in Maine with her son Theo and their 14-year-old puppy Finn.

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