Help Your Child Stop Overeating and Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food



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This Is Not A Diet

Your child does not need to go on a diet. They don't need the usual, flawed, unhelpful and ineffective approach to weight loss of being told to eat less and move more.  We know that approach doesn't work long-term for most overweight people.

Your child does need your help learning to eat in a new way that follows their physical hunger signals and teaches them to choose foods that they can enjoy and that will serve their body well.

You can learn to create an enjoyable and sustainable new way of eating for your family that will help everyone thrive. 


We Combine the Science of Weight Loss and the Power and Fun of Life Coaching to Help You Design the Healthy Relationship with Food that You Want for Your Family


The Science of Weight Loss 

  • Understand hormones and your brain
  • Food choices matter
  • Understand hunger
  • Sleep
  • Hydration

The Power of Life Coaching

  • Learn why you overeat and how to change 
  • Empower yourself to become the person you truly want to be  
  •  Learn how to love yourself and have your own back no matter what

The future you want is 100% available to you and your child 

Starting with love and compassion for where you are right now,  Pediatric Weight Loss Coaching for Kids, Teens and Parents teaches all of the skills needed for the whole family to achieve physical and emotional health.