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Helping Parents Guide Their Children To A Healthier Life


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There is a better way to help your child.

As a practicing pediatrician for more than 20 years, I've seen hundreds of parents struggle to help their children eat better, sleep better, feel better and be healthier.  

If you have a child struggling with weight issues, most traditional medical advice focuses on getting the child to change their "unhelpful" behaviors.  The child needs to eat less and move more. And the parents are supposed to figure out how to make that happen on their own.  

This isn't working for kids or their parents.

I take a different approach to helping kids achieve a healthier weight and healthier habits.  My approach focuses entirely on the parents and asks only the parents to change their behaviors in order to help their kids.  

The changes the parents make ultimately improve the health of the children, not to mention improving their own emotional and physical wellbeing too.


The life & health you want is 100% available to you and your child 

Starting with love and compassion for where you are right now, we work together to create a culture of health in your home that benefits every member of your family.