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Transforming Children's Lives, One Mom at a Time


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It Starts With You 

Picture this: You, leading by example, making healthier choices, and embracing a balanced lifestyle.

Your children watch and learn from your positive changes, not because you're preaching, but because they see you living it.

Your new habits become their daily way of life, and they flourish.

Hi!  I am Dr. Sheila Carroll.  I'm a Board Certified Pediatrician and Obesity Medicine physician.  I am also a Certified Life and Weight Coach.  And I'm a Mom.

To help kids and teens improve their metabolic health, lose weight and feel better, I work exclusively with their Moms.  

I believe that the most potent agent for change within a family is you, the Mom.  As the heart of your household, your actions and choices have a profound impact on your children's lives, especially when it comes to their health.

Your lifestyle changes will lead to your child's thriving health.

The Life and Health You Desire for Your Family Can Be Yours