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Pediatric Weight Loss Coaching for Kids, Teens and Parents


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Pediatric Life Coaching for Weight Loss 

As a pediatrician, I see a lot of kids and teenagers who carry extra weight on their bodies. Due to the stigma of overweight in our culture, some of these kids and teens struggle with low-self esteem, anxiety, social isolation and general feelings of low self-worth. Unfortunately, these negative feelings often lead to emotional eating and more weight gain. A vicious cycle has been created.

The great news is that life coaching for pediatric weight loss can break this cycle. A current overweight body is not a flawed or a broken body. In fact, your child is already 100% worthy and valuable just as they are this very second, just as they have been since the day they were born. The problem is that your child may not believe this about themself yet.


Life Coaching for Pediatric Weight Loss

The skills needed to lose weight are the same skills needed to succeed in life

Cognitive Flexibility

  • Become aware of your own thinking
  • Understand how your thinking is creating the experience of your life
  • Gain the skills to adapt your thinking to create results you actually want in your life

Emotional Bravery

  • Learn where emotions come from
  • Gain the ability and willingness to feel any feeling (positive and negative)
  • Learn how to generate the feelings you want to have

The future you want is 100% available to you and your child 

Starting with love and compassion for where you are right now,  Pediatric Weight Loss Coaching for Kids, Teens and Parents teaches all of the skills needed for the whole family to achieve physical and emotional health.