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What Exactly Is A Life Coach? 

A life coach is a person who is trained to actively listen to their client and ask questions in a way that helps the client gain insight into and awareness of their own thinking.  Why does this matter?  This new awareness takes the client off the autopilot thinking mode they have been on and puts the client in the driver seat of their thoughts.  This new awareness can be life changing for the client because we know that it is our thoughts that create our feelings and it is our feelings that drive our actions or inactions.  What we do or don't do gives us our results in this world.  A great life coach helps the client become aware of their thinking and shows the client how their thinking is directly tied to their results and the experiences they are having in their life.  

How is this helpful to the client?

Once you become aware of the thoughts and thought patterns that you have, a coach can help you decide if your unintentional thoughts are helping you get what you want or if your autopilot thoughts are actually blocking you from getting what you want.  

Learning to become aware of your thinking and realizing that you are the only person who is responsible for what you are thinking and feeling is incredibly empowering!  You can feel better by changing your thoughts.  You are now free to decide what you want to think on purpose and you can decide to think thoughts that are serving you instead of keeping you stuck. 

How does life coaching help achieve permanent weight loss?

A coach helps their client uncover the thoughts and feelings that are driving the client: 

  • to overeat 

  • to choose foods that don’t help weight loss

  • to eat for reasons other than fueling the body

  • to not drink enough water

  • to not prioritize sleep

  • to not move the body or exercise

Once the client uncovers the thoughts and feelings driving the actions that are creating an overweight body, the client can change their thoughts on purpose and get the health and body results they want.

A coaches job description:

  • Help the client make simple, permanent lifestyle changes that will create big results in their eating, health, relationships and life

  • Be a loud and proud cheerleader for the client!   We can do hard things!

  • Be a compassionate guide to help the client make the changes they want.

  • Be a neutral observer of the client’s thoughts 

  • Remind the client that they are already 100% valuable and worthy

  • Be in full belief of what results the client can create for themself.

  • Model a compassionate approach to self-talk and self-love

Coaching creates an amazing space where the client feels supported, heard and cared for as they strive to reach their goals.  Coaching is truly a gift a client gives to themself by putting in the work to learn the tools to achieve lifelong physical and emotional health.

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