Do You Want Some Help Navigating this Modern Food Culture? 

Today, parenting around food can feel hard.  

As a pediatrician, I know that parents want to raise healthy eaters.  

As a mom, I'm in the thick of it too and doing my best to raise my own healthy eater.

I created this guide to share a tool with you that I use every day.  This tool has made my life easier and helped me keep my child healthier.  It will help you too.

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Hey there!  I'm Dr. Sheila Carroll.

I'm a Mom, a Pediatrician, an Obesity Medicine doctor and a Certified Life and Weight coach. 

We parents know that what our kids eat impacts their physical and mental health immensely. 

It would be a lot easier for us to raise healthy eaters if the only foods available to eat were healthy for us.  But that is not the world we are living in today.

We now live in a complex food system and culture that aggessively promotes unhealthy and harmful foods to our kids.  

To help our kids stay healthy so they can enjoy their childhoods free from medical problems, parents have to help their kids learn to navigate the modern food world.

Here is a tool that can change your approach to parenting around food in ways that will benefit both you and your kids.

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